Joan Arnau Pàmies

Brief reflections on my own work


Late Style: Notes on esquema u: 'Sonata in stile classico' (2017)


...the impossible... (2016)


...briefly on Produktionsmittel II... (2016)


...briefly on segon quartet de corda... (2015)


My writings


Seven Remarks and a Postscript on Music Criticism (2016)

Published on Cacophony Magazine (December 20, 2016)


Quality and Identity in Contemporary Music (2016)


I. New Music: A Product of Modernity (and Capitalism)

II. New Music Is Not (Necessarily) Contemporary Music

III. The Defeat of New Music

IV. Towards The Future: New Music in the 21st Century

A series of four essays, to be read in order. Published on NewMusicBox (2016).


Seven Propositions for the Global (2016)

Published on &&& (2016). It includes a link to Produktionsmittel III and its first public interpretation.


Componer en el siglo XXI: La necesidad de inserción crítica (2015)

Spanish translation of "Composition in the 21st Century," published on Sul Ponticello (2015)


Composition in the 21st Century: The Need for Critical Insertion (2015)


DarwinTunes and Cultural Reductionism (2014)

Published on NewMusicBox (2014)


Obscurity, Greenwald, Fisher-Lochhead (2014)

Published on FOCI Words (2014)


Noise-Interstate(s): toward a subtextual formalization (2013)

Published in Noise In And As Music, edited by Aaron Cassidy and Aaron Einbond

(University of Huddersfield Press, 2013)


Writings by others on my work


Tigran Arakelyan: "Podcast 7: Featuring composer Joan Arnau Pàmies" Podcast for Off The Podium (April 16, 2017)


Wynne Delacoma: "Ear Taxi’s Saturday marathon serves up a wide stylistic range from Chicago composers" Review for Chicago Classical Review (October 9, 2016)


Eli Namay: "Eli Namay and Joan Arnau Pàmies discuss Produktionsmittel III" Conversation for Cacophony Magazine (June 3, 2016)


Ruth Prieto: "Joan Arnau Pàmies estrena Segon quartet de corda en el Auditorio 400" Interview in Spanish for El Compositor Habla (November 21, 2015)


Bruce Hodges: "A Trio of Adventurers, Exploring the Voice’s Outer Regions" Review for Seen and Heard International (February 11, 2015)


Paco Yáñez: "El riesgo es fundamental" Second half of interview in Spanish for mundoclasico.com (January 26, 2015)


Paco Yáñez: "El elitismo en el mundo de la música" First half of interview in Spanish for mundoclasico.com (January 23, 2015)


Simon Cummings: "HCMF 2014: Shorts, Feldman's Pianos, asamisimasa" Review for 5against4 (November 26, 2014)


Paco Yáñez: "Concientización político-musical" Review in Spanish for mundoclasico.com (November 20, 2014)


Steve Smith: "Global Sounds, Woven Together" Review for The New York Times (April 17, 2014)


New Catalan Music: "Joan Arnau Pàmies" Entry in Catalan at Institut Ramon Llull


Ruth Prieto: "Joan Arnau Pàmies estrena en Nueva York su próxima obra" Interview in Spanish for El Compositor Habla (March 6, 2014)


Marina Vives: "No intento explicar algo a través de la música, busco que la obra me influya a mí" Interview in Spanish for Diari de Tarragona (January 25, 2014)


Paco Yáñez: "Cohabitación estilística" Review in Spanish for mundoclasico.com (June 21, 2013)